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Saturday 17 Jan
Hanoi, Vietnam


Bonjour 5C,

Nous sommes arrivés à Hanoi le 8 janvier. C'était froid, à peu près 12 degrés. Nous avons pris un taxi. La circulation était terrible car il y a des autos et motos dans toutes les directions.

Traverser la rue à Hanoi est très difficile. Vous devez marcher lentement en traversant la rue pour que les automobilistes puissent vous éviter. Nous avons passé 2 jours sur la baie Ha Long. C'est un site 'World Heritage'. La baie Ha Long est faite de 3000 iles dont 3 sont habitées. C'était très relaxant considérant que nous arrivions d'Hanoi. Sur la baie, il y a des vendeurs de n'importe quoi en bateaux.

A notre retour a Hanoi une journé ou l'on marchait au bord du lac, on nota qu'il y avait un rassemblement de gens à un endroit spécifique. Nous croyions que quelqu'un s'était noyé mais il en résulta que quelqu'un avait vu une tortue et les gens se rassemblaient pour la voir. Au Vietnam c'est un signe de bonne chance si quelqu'un voit une tortue.

Nous sommes présentement à Phuket (Thailande) pour se reposer. Il fait chaud mais il y a toujours une belle brise. Nous allons à la plage à tous les jours. Nous quittons la Thailande pour le Canada jeudi prochain. Ceci est le dernier blog. Je vais essayer de trouver un autre Internet Café afin de pouvoir y ajouter des photos à ce blog ci.

Hier soir, nous sommes allés voir un spectacle. A un moment donné, il y avait 16 éléphants sur le stade. Spectacle très haut en couleurs.

Je vous revois le 26 janvier.


Mr R



Hi Gr. 3S.

We arrived in Hanoi on January 8th.  It was cold, I had just given a sweater to  our tuk tuk driver in Cambodia and wished I hadn't.  It was about 12 degrees, we had shorts on.  We took a taxi into the city, the driver was very young.   The traffic was crazy in town, cars and motor bikes going on all sides of us in all directions .  They drive on the right hand side of the road or are supposed to.

Crossing the streeth in Hano was a real challenge.  You have to just walk slowly across the street and hope the driver won't hit you.  We took a 2 day boat tour to Ha Long Bay which is east of Hanoi.   It is a World Heritage Site.  It is made up of over 3000 little islands, so we toured in and around some.  It was spactacular.  When on the boat there were many vendors selling things from little boats to the tourists.  They used a fishing net to pass things to the people and collect the money, I guess they had to hope each other was honest.  Everyone seemed very honest, I never felt they weren't.  The trip was very relaxing compared to all the traffic and constant honking of horns in Hanoi.

The next day after arriving back in Hanoi we walked around the city which was difficult as one is taking their life in their hands crossing the streets and they use the sidewalks to park on so we had to walk lots of times on the streets. We were walking by a lake and in the middle of the city and people were running. I thought that someone had fallen in the lake as it turns out someone saw a turtle in the water and everyone was running to see it.  In Vietnam it is considered very good luck to see a turtle.

We are now in Phuket, Thailand for some rest and relaxation, it is very warm low 30's with a nice breeze.  We go to the beach everyday and will be here until Wednesday when we fly to Bangkok and return to Canada on Thursday so this will be my last blog. I am going to try to find another computer and add some pictures.

Last night we went to a Fanta Sea Show and it was awesome, at one time there were 16 elephants on the stage.   See you on the 26th. 

 Cheers Mr. R

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Carol Lister Says:

18 January

Hi Guys,
I am pretty sure I have recieved everything you have sent. I was just on the internet looking at pictures and saw one from the beach in Phuket. It was a kind of anniversary thing from the tsunami 4 years ago. Have a safe trip home!

brobertson Replies:

20 January

Last day at the beach today, temp is in the low 30's. Leaving tomorrow for Bangkok and then Thursday AM back home hope it has warmed up. B

3s Says:

21 January

Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. We had fun! Have a safe trip home. Cheers 3S

5C Says:

22 January

It sounds like it has been a great trip. The class wanted to know if elephants were your favorite animal. They also wanted to know what the beaches were like in Vietnam compared to Thailand. Looking forward to seeing you again! Have a good trip home. 5C

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