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Thursday 10 Jan 2008
Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Oh Argentina... you beautiful country.. waterfalls side #2

So the nxt day we were back at Iguazu Falls, this time on the Argentinian side which is supposed to be more stunning and have better views of the falls. And that it did. Stunning!!

We started out with a group of British girls walking the paths on the opposite side of the river. The paths crossed over some of the parts of the river that then tumbled over the edge and became some of the smaller waterfalls. It was very refreshing under the many trees and shaded viewing areas. There were heaps of beautiful unique butterflies floating around, and looking down at the river you really did get a better perpective of the overall river/falls system and how it all came together. There is also San Martin island in the middle of it all which was close, but is a lush green oasis filled with small waterfalls flowing over it, and it looks like a movie set. Most people get a boat tour which heads close to the main falls and around the river, but as we had been in the chopper the day before we decided to give it a miss.

The Argentinian side has an upper and lower circuit for seeing the falls from different perspectives, and it was certainly great to get the different views. We saw some snakes come out to get some sun, and some massive lizards as well. This side of the falls is home to some amazing animals, including jaguars, so you need to be very careful not to wander off the tracks.

As we headed up the main part of the park, the walkways near the Devils Throat (main waterfalls), the walkways open up and there is only the sun on your face as you walk 2km over the river system to the heart of the waterfall. We spotted a crocodile on the way out. The main viewing platform literally sits of the main part of the waterfalls. I cannot express in words how powerful this is. There is sooooo much water flowing through, I think if Melbourne could just tap it for 10 mintues wed fill our water reserves. If you sent a large inflatable red boat over the dge of the river down the falls you wouldnt see it again til it was 1km down the river... there is so much spray and the force of the water is so powerful. I cant imagine that anything, inflatable or not, could make it down river from here.

The platform allows you to see over the edge of the falls, and see the whole area up close. When the wind kicks up the right way, you get saturated from the spray. People say the negative ions that are generate from the power of the falls makes people feel giddy, they just giggle and smile and feel great. It certainly was the case with us. As the spray soaks you to your bones, you feel nothing but total elation.

We headed back along the platforms back to the small trains that bring you to the parks main areas, and in no time we were dry again. The heat was unbearable. We stayed in Argentina for the night, reflecting on what an amazing 2 days wed had seeing something so stunning and powerful. Though it was expensive and time consuming to travel to the middle of nowhere to get to see the falls, it was certainly worth it.

What Im grateful for:

- so many different view points for the falls
- sitting and enjoying the shade when we felt like it and not having to join our group
- being saturated in the spray and feeling so alive
- wintessing the power of water like that... unbelievable

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Sharing a few early NYE drinks

Sharing a few early NYE drinks

Hi... Visited both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides of the stunning and breathtaking Iguaza (water) Falls these last 2 days and love, love, loved it! Melting in the humidity though... enough! Take care, love you all so much!

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