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Tuesday 12 Jun
Brighton, Australia

SUMMARY of my Journey to the Highlands

Well ive had a couple of days resting and re-aclimatizing to domestic life and also time to ponder what i have experienced these last months. I went down the beach today and looked out over the Indian ocean and thought back to the time when i had looked out over the same ocean thinking of my journey that lay ahead...Well now its all over...what were my most memorable moments and my most forgettable and what have i 'taken away' from this trip....


The Greatest Road I have driven down Jasper to Lake Louise Canadian Rockies

South Dakota Red Indian History and The Badlands National Park

My Dylan Day in Duluth and Hibbing will never forget this

Washington DC surprised me

New York New York

The Power of Niagara Falls

Nova Scotia Specatacular and Pretty Coastal Scenery

The Medieaval Beauty of Yorkshire Dales

The Tranquility of the Lakes District

The Unassuming Beauty of Edinburgh

The Scottish Highlands more beautiful than i had imagined but it was helped by excellent weather

The Lyrical Land of Ireland it music and beautful scenery especially the Ring of Kerry

My Music Week like no other VAN JT AND ZIMMY

The French Cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse which for me pipped the romantic Paris

Spains southern cities of Cordoba and especially Sevilla The architecture the people the music

Gaudi Architecture Barcelona

Venice is a beautful place despite the crowds

The Greek Islands didnt want to leave could live there quite comfortably

Incredible INDIA the most powerful and moving journey i had even though it was for just 4 days

The Friendliness and Spirit of Indias people

The Charm of Thailands people and Serenity of Chaam

Chinas Shanghai a fascinaiting Blend of the Ancient and Hi tech

The wonderful people i met while on the Road

The Whole Youth Hostel experience and the mutual respect of fellow travellers


Calgary I didnt like this city at all

Killing time in Chicago Airport waitin for Snow to Clear in DC

Being pulled over by the Law in Nova Scotia suspicious of me becuase i was driving too slow into a strange unfamiliar town at 1 am in the morning ( forgot to mention this in my blog)

Being Acosted on the Border by the Spanish plain clothes border patrol

Unhelpul Train Ticket Officers in Madrid

Seat Reservation Fees for Eurail Pass holders in Spain

The Graffitti ' Street Art ' in Athens on Historical Buildings ( this is a problem all over Europe but more noticeable in Athens)

Coming to Grief on my Scooter on Mykonos. For about 5 minutes there thought this might have been 'the end' ..a pain in my chest i had never experienced before...i could see and think of nothing but my kids

The 'Friendliness' of Indias people ( those that want to take you for a ride) It s very hard to define the genune from the not so genuine

It would be most helpful NOT to have a nose especially not a large one when journeying to India

The Humidity of Bangkok - dont like Humidity

The Habit of Chinese Men and Some Women to clear their nasal passages via their mouth on whatever surface they are walking be it footpath road or polished shopping mall floor

Security Measures at Airports after 21 flights these do become a bit tedious but i think i handled it ok considering


Along the Road from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur to Delhi
Tears of Saddness were quite literally mixed with tears of Mirth

The Range of Exercises on Display in Chinese Parks

This had been quite simply the most amazing journey of my life I had confirmed to me the fact that we are one people travelling the one road despite our cultural and linguistic barriers and man made boudaries on a every country there is both good and bad...individuals make the difference.....i am grateful to those that kindly assisted me along the way and those fellow travellers that helped dispel the lonliness of the solo traveller by their friendliness.
I came away with the feeling that within this world a goodness can still be found amongst the small people.
I feel like i have gained in confidence having negotiated the numerous travelling and transport routes across the world. Having tackled them you have this sense that you can almost tackle anything that comes your way.
But above all i feel profoundly humbled by both the beauty of the scenery i have seen and the horror of the poverty that exists not just in India but even in places like the US. I have come away thinking that Australia although it might be lacking in depth of History and Culture ....compared to Europe we have a truly beautiful and fortunate country that is our own with unique flora and fauna beautiful unspoilt scenery
a standard of living financially and environmentally that is the best in the world a fact that we should be extremely grateful for...and we have a 'culture' of friendliness and happiness one without airs and graces that is worth preserving....
To my friends thanks for coming along for the ride i hope you have enjoyed my rambling andthe photos..maybe i can share in your journey one day
in the mean time ....stay Forever Young

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Craigs Invitation

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