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Monday 10 Aug 2009
Bangkok, Thailand

Only a few more weeks until we go!!!!

Again....not actually IN Thailand just yet, but I'm about to link this to my Facebook page if it will let me....we'll soon see.

Getting super amped for going now...just picked up all our paperwork and stuff last week, and we're making progress with the whole packing to leave Dunedin thing, so it's starting to feel like we're actually winding up to wind down (if that makes sense!!).

Heaps going on in the next few weeks but will try and post a quick one before we leave....after that, if we get a chance to get online while we're over there, I'll try and do an update....if not, stay posted for photos and stuff when we get back!!!

That's all for now!!!


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Heather Says:

23 March 2010

If you're looking for any photos or reviews from Thailand, check out my blog. Thailand is one of my favorite places! I'm looking forward to a future post from you, to hear about your own experiences there!


Mohammadkaisar Says:

1 July 2014

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