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Saturday 25 Jul 2009
Home se23 2rt, United Kingdom


And so its allllll over. here i am, lying  in  bed. my own bed! barely awake.

Happy to be back in the bosom of my family (and what an ample bosom it is too!), but terribly sad too. no more adventuring. at least not till Oxford in October.

Thanks to everyone whose bothered to follow my epic adventures. they have been crazy good fun to have and i hope mildly enjoyable to read about. I have muchly enjoyed all of my comments and all other contact with you guys back at home.

So farewell for now. i can promise you that there will be more trips to come. many more. you may even get another blog :)



2 Comments for this Travel blog entry

Michael Heller Says:

25 July 2009

So glad that the eagle has finally landed safe and sound.

Much love


Peter and Brenda Says:

28 July 2009

Now we can sleep at night - as if we would let you keep us awake !
Nice to have you home.

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