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Tuesday 24 Jun
Siloam Springs, USA

Home again

So we are home...after 3 and a half weeks we are back in Siloam Springs...i had a great time in London, Edinbourgh, Paris, and Normandy...i learned a heck of a lot about D-Day...i got to see the Chelsea football club stadium...i went to Ireland with my girlfriend and buddy Kyle...i bought a bunch of England jerseys...i went up in the Effiel Tower...i got to see the castle where monty python and the holy grail was was just an amazing trip...i wouldn't have traded the trip for anything...i was amazing...i am tired still and have a little bit of a cold that i caught in was just an amazing experience...we flew like 9 hours to get back and it seemed like it took forever...Fares was there at the airport to pick me up...and it was nice...gotta love him...when i got home...i went and had some taco bell...ohhhh it was great...i hadn't had mexican food in a long time...and taco bell was just what i was soooo good...i went and saw Get Smart today...and it was a great was nice to see a movie again and just drive around and enjoy home again...oh and i play Xbox again...that was just a momentous occasion...Cheesy i had a great time and i'm glad to be back...but i wish i could already go back...i know this is short and if anyone wants to see pictures or know anything about the trip...just let me know and i would love to tell you about it...i love you all

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Eurotrip: Not the Movie

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I am on a trip with my family in Europe. My dad is on a sabbitical over here and we are with him and enjoying it. We are going to be in oxford, scotland, london, and france. And I will be with Jennifer and Kyle in Ireland for 3 days. Yay for England....

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