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Saturday 8 Mar
London, United Kingdom

Back Home for good!!!!!!!!!!!

So the trip is over and we are back in the UK which is a bit of a shock to the system!!! We had a fantastic time and we cant believe that it has come to an end now.... there were loads of highlights but here are some of the things that we found most fantastic and would recommend... These are in order of us doing them rather than in a rating order :

Machu Picchu Trailm, Peru - This was a fantastic start to our trip and really was one of the main hightlights! We went with GAP adventures and thought they were very good.

Iguaccu Falls, Argentina - Amazing waterfalls which (we believe) are best viewed from the Argentinian side rather than from Brazil.

Amazon, Brazil - Definately worth taking a tour out into the jungle. It was just like being in a David Attenborough documentary!!

Rio, Brazil - Absolutely loved Rio. The views from the top of the mountains are gorgeous.

Mount Roraima, Venezuala - This was a brilliant 6 day trip. Fantastic scenery getting to the mountain and amazing views and sights at the top.... make sure you get a trip that lets you sleep at the top for at least one night.

Tulum, Mexico - The beach at Tulum and the ruins are well worth a trip. This was one of the best beaches that we foudn on our whole trip - We wish we had spent a few days there.

Kaikora, New Zealand - Swimming with the dolphins in New Zealand was one of the best things we had EVER done!!! Was just an amazing experience and everyone should do it!!!

Ankor Temples, Cambodia - The temples were great and we prefered Cambodia much more than vietnam or Thailand.

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Overlooking part of the Tulum Ruins

Overlooking part of the Tulum Ruins

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