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Tuesday 18 Dec
hawaii, USA


I am currently sitting at my desk in work, started back today, not too bad, mind you I'm not exactly overloading myself with work !!
Anyway I suppose I had better finish off my 'Diary' properly !! Landed in LA last Monday evening, was dark by the time I got to the Hostel so didn't venture too far from it. Just headed to a local Diner for some grub cause I was starving. The flight from Hawaii to LA is 5 hours and you had to PAY for food on the flight if you wanted it, cheap skatesMad
Sharing a 6 bed dorm with 5 guys, nothing like finishing off my trip in styleCheesy
Following day I did a tour of LA where we visited Hollywood Boulevard and saw the walk of fame, Kodak Theatre ect, saw lots and lots of fab houses that belonged to the likes of John Travolta, Britney, Madonna, Elton John, Simon Cowell, Leonardo di Caprio, loads more. It was funny to see the paparazzi sitting and waiting in their really nice cars for someone famous to drive by. Drove along Mullholland Drive and then up to Beverley Hills. Headed out to Santa Monica and then to Venice Beach where I saw a woman in her 70's (at least) rollerblading, lots of very crazy and unusual people here. Finally it was on to Rodeo Drive. I was hoping to have a 'Pretty Woman' moment and be able to walk along with loads of bags but these shops were just a little out of my price range Wink !!!! The only celeb I spotted was Colin Montgomery, saw a lot of nice flashy cars but that was about it. The only people in the shops were the Japenese, seemingly they're the only tourists who can afford to shop here !
My Hostel was in West Hollywood so I had a walk around there that evening. The amount of shops dedicated to supplying clothes & accessories to our cannine friends is criminal ! I have never seen so many of them in the one area in my life but of course I had to venture in for a look. I had a job to keep a straight face on me, in one shop they had a stoller for dogs ! These people have more money than sense. There is even a Bakery for Dogs here, it supplies all the goodies that little Rover or Bruno needs. It's a crazy world.
Wouldn't be mad on the people here, most of them are quite rude and as for the staff in LAX, don't get me started, never met the likes of them and LAX is an awfull Airport, couldn't wait to get out of it.
So that's it, my trip has endedFrown hope you enjoyed reading this blog, so until my next adventure,

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