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Tuesday 17 Jun 2008
Holmsted Manor, United Kingdom


Sorry that I haven't added any entries in a long time. We are studying right now and doing a lot of design work for the books we are creating. Plus, the internet here is less than satisfactory, so I never know when I can get on. I can't really upload anything because it will crash the whole system, I guess.

Anyways, I have designed some neat pages for our travel/cook book that I would love to show all of you when I get home. I still have a lot of work ahead of me in the next two weeks, though. I have a total of 8 spreads to finish completely, which is 16 single sided pages. I have two complete pages done right now, so I need to kick it into high gear for the rest of the trip.

Today we went to the Hever Castle. It was pretty neat to see and sketch. They had a hedge maze that took us forever to get through, And a water maze that shot out water at us when we stepped on the wrong stone. It was pretty fun to get out of the classroom.

I forgot to explain where exactly we are. We are in the Sussex area, which is really far south. I think the beach is not too far away, but we don't get to go there...even though I love the beach.

The best thing I have to tell you though (which most of you know) is that my baby nephew was born on the 13th. Cash Anthony is 8 lbs. 8 oz. and super cute. I am dying to see him and it's just killing me that I have to spend another day with out holding him in my arms. I know that he is going to be a girl magnet when he grows up because he is already making me crazy over him and we haven't even met yet. I just can't wait till I finish up this work and come to all these changes that are happening.

Needless to say, I probably won't post much or check this too much because of the poor internet and because of my severe need to focus on my work. I hope that I can see everyone when I get back to show you all of my sketches and work and photos. In fact, if you wait to see my photos a while I just might have a scrapbook started on it (after I work on a scrapbook for Cash the cutie).

Love to all,

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