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Saturday 20 Sep
vancouver island, Canada

back home

So here I sit without a car. But it could be a lot worse. I could be dead.
I was going through an intersection on a green light when a car drove right into me making a left turn. Crash!
I looked up and there I was, stopped with a car next to me. An old guy got out, and then his wife, while I sat there, feeling somewhat dazed.
I was in an accident but I was OK.
That was the important thing.
I tried to get out but the door was stuck. No it was locked. I unlocked it and got out, shaking a little.
We were all OK. The old guy's finger was bleeding a little. Nothing serious, but it looked deformed. He has obvious arthritis so maybe normal or maybe broken? He appears not shaken. Just unaware. They don't apologise. Is it their fault?
The p0lice arrive and take photos and statements. The lady policeman lets me sit in the back of her car and then puts me in the back of the other constable's car. After a long time he drives me to the hospital. On the way he phones ICBC for me to get the claim going and to see if I can somehow get a vehicle to use in the meantime. No!
But I do get to the hospital in time for my X-rays.
After that I go down to physio and get a ride part of the way home with my old friend Diana Kyten.
I stop in at Andrea's but she is not there so I walk home.
My knee hurts and I'm glad to sit down and relax and watch a film and eat bread and cheese and drink a glass of wine.
I am alive. That is the message. Why do I waste time so much? Death could come at any instant. I could be dead right now and I have so much more to do.
So why am I wasting time watching a film and drinking a glass of wine? I still do not "get it".

next day - I'm now waiting to see if they will fix my car or if I must buy another one. I've been looking around, just in case..... so I'm ready because now I have rental but when they pay me out that will be gone. I saw a few that would be OK. Not as nice as mine but no use fighting what is.

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sabine Says:

22 September

Jenny, sitting and eating bread and cheese and wine is most definitely NOT a waste of time. When done with quality ingredients, it is another way of nourishing the spirit while, nourishing the body!

jennyg Replies:

25 September

Yes but where will it get me? certainly not to enlightenment!

Silvia Farine Says:

24 September

HI Jenny have you workes once in switzterland, in Montana? Are you this Jenny Gohl?

jennyg Replies:

25 September

Silvia! Hello! How are you? I think of you and wonder how you and your family are.
My email is
Please write and give me your news and i'll give you mine.
Love jenny

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