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Wednesday 6 Sep
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Read it and Siem Reap

The actual date of writing this is the 06.09.06 and therefore I am writing this with a ga

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The Chronicles of Hanarnia!

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Row row row the boat....

Row row row the boat....

Bienvenido a Hannah and Jingo's excellent adventures. This is where you can keep abreast of our current situation from around the globe. This site is so much better than a simple email from us. It is defo the 21st century way of keeping in touch. Enjoy...

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  • Row row row...



    Row row row the boat....
  • Homosexual...



    Homosexual tendancies surface by day 2.....
  • Drinking this...



    Drinking this size beer would do some damage in the morning!
  • Attempt at...



    Attempt at `art´

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