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Wednesday 25 Feb
geraldton, Australia

The 10 Karajini Tour....

So we hit the road again - after a 6am pick up we met our group of 19 again a great mix of English, Irish, German, Dutch and of course Mischa the only Swiss on this tour... Our driver was called Sascha and seemed a bit nervous at the beginning - we wondered if he had actually done this before Tongue out But sure he had he was just a little shy... We set off and our first stop was the Pinnacles.. It was pretty amazing and Sascha sure knew his stuff telling us all about  how it was formed etc.. an amazing contrast of landscape which was the first of many for us to encounter... The first day was alot of driving - we stopped at the beach for lunch and it started to rain - quite funny the wind picked up and the salad was flying away ! we survived a speedy lunch and got back on the bus to head to the sand dunes for '' sandsurfing '' We actually got the truck stuck in the sand and had to push the enormous thing (OK I didnt but the guys did) The sandsurfing wasn't great but hey the dunes were impressive.. We headed to our first night stop and Sascha prepared a lovely curry style pasta, while we sank a few bevvies watching the sunset...

Day 2 - as usual an early start the quick breakfast and off to Kalbarri National Park... We walked down to the valley where a few of the group had a refreshing dip in the water there and a couple of girls paid to abseil down a wall. Of course not my thing and too small for Mischa to be interested in! ;-p. We then headed to Natures Window - it was soooo beautiful the view from the top and the pictures say it all... We stopped for lunch there and were attacked by the flys.. Yep the weather had picked up and it was a lovely day.. Damn the flys haha. That afternoon we headed to Shell Beach 110km of pure white shells. It looked like sand it was stunning and was almost abandoned which made it even better! Again we headed on and had dinner at our overnight stop. Sascha again done us prowd! Getting to know everyone and yey I knew all the names! haaa

So we had a bit of a lie in and headed to Monkey Mia where they feed the dolphins on the beach, they have been coming upto the shore for over 40years to be fed by the workers there! It was cool and they do have a system where they only feed the adult femails so it doesn't affect their hunting skills etc. The pelikans flew in and almost stole the show.. Such big birds walking around and not at all affraid of us! We decided to book an Aboriginal guided tour which was really cool - he walkd us around the area telling us about the culture and the use of certain plants etc. Then we had a BBQ on the beach for lunch where the Emus turned up and actually STOLE a burger out of a guys hand!! Hilarous cheeky things! Later that day we headed to Stromatolites  the oldest living things recorded in the whole world. It's an amazing sight...! We checked out the houses made of shells! Damn I want one!!! Then we headed to our hostel and had Burgers AGAIN for dinner haha A good bar and  a few drinks but a pretty early night.

Day 4 - Some of the group booked a Mantarays snorkelling Trip, and we took this free time to chill out on the beach, and we made lunch ourselves and then headed towards Exmouth in the afternoon. So a pretty chilled out day - then off to the bottle shop...

Day 5 - After a great relaxing day Mischa decided to get up at 7am and go for a run.. Good for him ;-) I stayed in bed ahah We stopped at one of the best beaches I have ever seen. Turquoise Bay in Exmouth  one side had the most amazing aqua marine coloured sea with calm crystal clear water, the other side had the most amazingly strong current where the snorkeling is the BEST with the Ningaloo Reef. It can be dangerous and there are certain parts which you should only swim in. People from the group managed to see Turtles, reef sharks and loads of marine life! I was gutted as I really wanted to see a Turtle but didnt! Frown. We headed back to out place and Mark (a chef) made an amazing dinner of   Fish and Rice with a chocolate pudding! hhmmmmm. We did get some bad news... Karajini park was Closed!! NOOOOO so we had to spend an extra day in Exmouth while we waited for the water to subside and the park to be opened.

Day 6 - No Karajini but we did go back to Turquoise Bay yeeeeeeeeeeey we had a great day swimming and snorkelling there so it wasn't all bad. Again I missed the Turtel uurggh But enjoyed the day! We went to the beach for sunset after dinner and waited till the Milky Way was in full view...

Day 7 - Yeeeeeeeeeeea off to Karajini!!! A long drive before stopping in Tom Price - the town outside the park where you stock pile the supplies... We bought 2 fly nets each for 30 cents!!! and some Bushman repellent! Just incase. We finally arrived in the park and went straight to a gorge! It was fantastic as the photos prove. Then we setteled into our Safari style tents with our swags and set the dinner up... What a great feeling. Until I needed the loo at 3am - no torch so had to grin and hold it until someone woke up!

Day 8 - The day had finally come for us to explore the great park of Karajini and we set off early to the spiders walk - thank God for the rain days before as the Gorges and waterholes were full with running water and gave the whole place more atmoshpere! We swam and hiked and enjoyed the amazing scenery. Some guys including Mischa climbed a wall and jumped from the rocks into pools of water. It was AMAZING and the waterfalls so fresh and inviting! We had a great day and didnt seem to miss out on much even if we did miss one night there. Sascha made sure we got to all the major gorges and beauty spots of interest! LOVED IT!!!

Day 9 - We managed a morning gorge and had breakfast in the open after a swim. It was a perfect way to end a fantastic tour...

 So we headed to our drop off point NOOOOO us and a few others had only booked the karajini tour and not the Broome Tour so we had to be collected by another driver who was heading back to Perth Cry It was truly a sad time after 8 days in a GREAT group we had to break off and head back south... If we hadn't had our flights to Adelaide booked we would have carried on to Broome with the guys! So after an emotional goodbye we got on our new bus..,. How crap we basically drove all day with a few toilet stops ;-( We spent the night in an old cattel station - strange but cool.

Day 10 - Spent the whole day on the bloody bus. We stopped for lunch along the way but were not impressed as we didnt expect to spend the last 2 days on the bloody bus! Anyways thats life.

We LOVED the tour Sascha was GREAT and knew everything there was to know about OZ. We miss our group and must say it was the highlight of our trip so far!!!Cool 

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Carla Mila Says:

25 February

Interesante artículo.
Gracias por compartir esta experiencia.

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Hello everyone I hope you are all well..! Having a GREAT time miss ya - but cant say I'd like to be there hahah Enjoy xx

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