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Friday 16 Feb 2007
London, United Kingdom

Plane ride

So on the plane I sat next to a very nice older lady who was flying back from Baltimore visiting her kids in Silver Spring. She kept offering to buy me things out of the sky mag because she wanted to get rid of her USD. I did not take her up on her offer but it is nice to have someone's phone number over here. Her daughter is in real estate in Olney which is ten minutes from home. Funny, why am I always surrounded by all things real estate?
Now to go take a nap in hopes that I don't get horrible jet lag.

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I finally made it!

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Ok, so London is absolutly crazy but I finally figured out the tube map. I made it to the hostel after a lot of exploring and then I had to wait for three hours to check in I was falling asleep in the tv room. I'm hoping that i don't get horrible jet lag.

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