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Monday 10 May 2010
calgary, Canada


Well, i'm home after 24 hours of transit... that was a tough one!!! A lot of wait and fly and wait and fly... gotta love travelling.

My final day was spent shopping and getting last minute stuff that i didn't need, apparently my bag was not full enough.  I managed to hold tight to my possessions and all was good. Found that La Paz was not that bad and quite pretty if you ignore the bird crap being flung at you.

As with all travelling experiences there were definately ups and downs, and the really good thing is there were way more ups... i hung out with a pretty cool guy - although he did make my blood boil at times, i guess this trip taught me about picking my battles and letting things go, especially when you are trapped together for 24/7.  My travelling companions were steller and hopefully we will keep in touch...

I know this blog was waaay more boring than past ones but i swear, these tours are kicking the crap out of me more and more so i think maybe hawaii will be nice :)

Take care!

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