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Tuesday 29 Dec
Oklahoma City, USA

Home, Home on the Snowy Range!

I am home. It is a nice feeling, but a mixed one as well. I realize that my venture has come to an end.

Anyone who travels knows that there is a "re-entry" phase to go through. Mine was delayed a few days while we enjoyed Christmas, while a blizzard raged outside. I got to be with two of my daughters and their families. I missed my oldest daughter, who recently moved to Pittsburgh from West Palm Beach, and her family. But we talked by phone. It was good.

Soon, it was time to unpack my suitcase. Some things had been tucked away for months. It was almost like Christmas finding little knick-knacks, small gifts, and reminders of the the far-away places I visited. Every piece of clothing went immediately to the washing machine. It was mostly summer stuff. I had only a few items of warmer clothing. Had it not been for my friend loaning me a coat in New York, I would have had to buy one!

Four months of mail where stacked in paper grocery sacks. (Remember, I try never to use the plastic ones. I saw so much plastic litter in the world. It is a major blight and environmental disaster.) It took me two days to go through the mail--stacks of magazines, newspapers, junk mail, Christmas cards, and even some unopened bills missed by my bill-payers.

The house is cold because I keep the thermostat on a low setting. I had to dig to find some warm clothes. Most everything had been boxed in anticipation of my daughter and family moving in. They did, but only stayed a month before finding a house to rent in Edmond.

My house phone doesn't work. I had to call AT&T and schedule service. I had to get a new driver's license. Next will be a tag renewal. New credit cards had arrived--no help to me while traveling as the bank only mails them to the home address! They have to be activated. There are purchases to be paid. Things will be tight for awhile, as I recover financially from such a trip. I owe money to people who were alert to my needs while I was stranded without any in foreign countries, after my wallet was stolen in Athens.

Soon I must begin working on my book. Many have asked about it. It didn't happen after my last trip. I must make it my priority for the next few months. I have so much to draw from. Places, characters, experiences. If I can capture the essence of travel as a metaphor for life, I will have succeeded.

So many people opened up to me, sought me out for company, or for interest in their products or services. Every time people discovered I was from America, they would say "Obama!" and give me a big high five. He has generated more good will for America than anyone in recent history. It is easily worth five of our armies. Only back home, did I find reaction to him. For the people of the world, he represents America's best hope.

The friends I made on this trip, and the renewal of friendships from the previous trip, certainly is the highlight of my travel. The world has grown ever smaller. If I can, in some small way, introduce my friends and acquaintances to these close neighbors of ours, I will feel good. Whether Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or unbeliever, I have found a rich trove of humanity. I had no hesitation riding off into the unknown with any of them.

Some had stories of poverty and persecution to tell. Some had personal stories of love, betrayal, and family rejection to tell. But all had stories. Life is a story.

I now wrap up my blog. Thanks to any who had the patience to read my writings, or greater patience navigating through the photos on this site. It is not very user-friendly, I am afraid. 

Till we meet again, on some distant journey, I remain faithfully yours--the wanderer.

Keith Wilkinson, Edmond, Oklahoma USA


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