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Saturday 25 Oct
Darwin, Australia

Roadtrip cont'd... Coober Pedy up to Darwin (2of2)

(.....continued from prior blog)

We slept in these thin see through tents where you could also see the stars.  Very nice.  Next day we woke up at 4:40 and headed for Jim Jim Falls.  Usually there's tons of water in the falls, but since it's dry season, there were none.  It was still neat to see the rocks.  The best thing was since there were no falls, we could swim in the pool where the water would fall.  It was huge...  so huge that when I floated on my back, I couldn't hear anyone else and I was just looking up at the rock walls and it felt like I had the whole place to myself.  That was my favorite part of the whole tour.  After the Falls, we hiked up this hill for a spectacular view of the whole entire Kakadu National Park, which is a World Heritage site by the way.  Then we checked out some aboriginal art work on the rocks and went back into Darwin.

Next day was our Litchfield tour.  It was basically a shorter version of Kakadu, where we visited falls and pools to swim in.  In addition, we saw huge termite mounds. 

Back in Darwin, Michelle and I also went to a night market which had tons of asian and other food, such as Road Kill Cafe.  Michelle actually bought something from there..  I think it was crocodile.  She said it tasted like chicken...  of course.  :)  I asked the guy if the food was actually from animals that were killed on the road and he said yes.  That's kinda funny.  They had possum, kangaroo, crocodile, wombats, and other animals I can't remember. 

Ok well, I think that's about it.  After Darwin, Michelle went back to Melbourne, where she is now, currently looking for a job.  (Good luck!!)  I flew east to Cairns, snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef and took a tour up to Cape Tribulation to see where the rainforest meets the reef.  After that, I briefly went to Brisbane to visit Nina & my penpal Noah.  There I also visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where I got to hold a koala! which has been a dream.  After that, I flew to Sydney, went to the zoo, then caught my flight back home, where I am now.  I am relaxing for a couple weeks, then I head to South America on Nov 5th!  Will write more blogs then!!


PS -  I uploaded pics..

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