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Thursday 18 May 2006
Bangkok, Thailand

Back in Bangkok... (for the last time)

A 10 hour journey saw us arriving back at Lonely Beach. We headed down the bumpy track to Treehouse where we said hello to the guys i'd met there a few weeks before (Bok was there, the doodiest guy i met there, who threw a waterbomb at me and Sam during Songkran - but dont worry kids, we had our revenge!), and dumped our stuff in one the bungalows on the beach. We were just in time to see the sun setting out over the sea as we ate dinner. It didnt take Thomas long to agree, after being very skeptical at first about how amazing Treehouse would be, that we were in fact in paradise.

Pamela came over for a long chat that evening, before me and Thomas went down to the beach to watch a fire show.

Sam and i had met this Irish girl in Bangkok and told her she should really check out Koh Chang while she was in Thailand, and the day after me and Thomas got there she turned up at Treehouse. We spent a few days together, had meals out and laughed hysterically at the stuff she came out with... always the case with Irish people!

We did much of the same as i did the last time i was in Koh Chang. Went down to the beach every day and drank waaay too much whiskey (you can never taste it when it's mixed with fruit juice!). I'd asked a tattoo artsit to design me a tattoo before i'd gone to Cambodia, so when i got back we talked over the design and a couple days later spent 2 1/2 hours having (my 4th) tattoo inked... :D (bamboo tattoos are half as painful as machine ones). Think i've now decided on the 5th!... Thomas got his first tattoos done too, and has since had more added to them by three different artists (when it's finished, he'll have 4 cicles in descending sizes down his forearm).

Our original plan was to spend about a week in Koh Chang before heading down to Koh Phangan for the full moon party on the 13th. We never made it though - a return flight to Koh Samui was gonna cost over 100 quid, and with all the transport costs to and from the airport plus the boat rides in between, it wasnt worth it for one night. Plus we'd heard that train tickets down south were sold out and we didnt want to risk going back to Bangkok to be told the same. We were pretty disappointed though; it was a sudden end to our pilgrimage to the biggest beach party in the world...

We spent an extra 10 days at Treehouse on Lonely beach and had a couple of nights at the new Treehouse on a beach on another part of the island (just as beautiful, but very quiet!).

On the night of the full moon we went to a party down on the beach, saw another fire show, and damn those buckets, we got hammered! :D Was a brilliant night! I got talking to one of the girls who was doing fire poi and she agreed to give me a lesson...

We hired kayaks a couple days later and paddled out to one of the islands in view of the shore. When we got back to the beach i asked the girl if she was free and she gave me a few poi pointers which was pretty helpful.

We kept putting off leaving Koh Chang, but after changing the date on our tickets 3 times, we finally said our final goodbyes and got on the bus back to Bangkok. We met this American hippy on the taxi down to the pier and ended up spending the whole day with her, on the boat, the bus and back in Bangkok. We went out for dinner that night and agreed to go out for dinner the following day for her final supper in Thailand. She had to get the 10pm minibus to the airport from outside our guesthouse, so at 9.30, just as we'd finished dinner, she had some last minute shopping to do. So in the POURING rain, we ran down Khao San rd splashing through puddles 3 inches deep looking for some last minute gifts and amazingly made it back to the guesthouse with time to spare. Yet another goodbye and we were on our own again.

The day after (today) is the penultimate day away :( which has been spent spending waay to much money (yet again) and trying to cram as much into it as possible... so i guess this is the final entry

...over and out...

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