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Monday 11 Feb
Bangkok, Thailand

Last few days in Thailan(Bangkok)

We arrived in Bangkok checked back into our regular Rambuttri Village Inn and headed to Oh My Cod for the usual grub. We made our way to the Koh Sahn Road to do some pottering about! Our last few days in Bangkok and in SE Asia all together to tie up our last bits and make the most of the cheap life of kings we'd been leading!!!

Went and had our teeth whitened, got massages, waxes and all the malarky! Spent a half day pottering around the MBK shopping. Hit the pubs, all the usual!!! Sarah and Scott got suits and dresses made up in one of the Tailors!

On our last day we strolled the Koh Sahn Road and I picked up the last of my bits and made a package with some gifts from my trip in Asia and sent it home! (only later realising that there prob won't be anyone there to receive it cause mam and dad are away)

That eve about 7 we got our things packed and went for some food and headed to the airport at about 8. Goodbye Bangkok!!!!Frown

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Back to Bangkok...goodbye SE Asia

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Our last trip back to Bangkok for 4 days before our flight to Australia!

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