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Friday 14 May 2004
Dublin, Ireland


"Ive been around the world and I, I, I... I cant find ma baby.. I dont know where I dont know why, why, why ..."... ok ok Ill stop singing... you get the message.. Im home!!

Well Ive done it! Ive been around the world.. and DAMN was it a great experience. Never before in my life have I had such a consistently GOOD time every day for more than a year! THE best time of my life without a doubt... and I HIGHLY recommend that everyone do this before they get too old to appreciate the sights at all levels (most people do this when they retire, but by then youre too old to try sky-diving, or water-rafting, or hiking 4000 miles (as I did!)). Youre also more likely to be "set in your ways" when you are older and will be LESS able to accommodate new ways of doing things, or outlooks on life than when youre an impressionable youngster.

I cant wait to revisit some of these places again... just not right now...

Im exhausted! Right now I feel like Ive just done the whole trip without sleeping.. but in reality I suppose this is just the jet-lag Im getting over. After arriving home yesterday from the airport, Gary came and picked me up, I fell asleep for about 17 hours (from 5pm to 10am!). Im still tired but!

My room is chaos itself! Apart from the boxes Id put in there when packing away my room prior to leaving, its now full of all the parcels Id sent home from abroad too! Didgeridoos, clothes, electronics.. the list is endless. My didgeridoos have arrived safe and sound, my laptop too.. although I stupidly scratched the outside of the laptop case with a knife while trying to peel off the bubble wrap! Aaaaargh.. after spending so many months in Australia making sure not to leave a tiny mark on the PC, I went and did this!! To make matters worse, in my tired state of being, I decided to scratch "Property of Peter Foran" into the case, over the scratch, to make the scratch look less "accidental". I suppose it DOES look ok now, plus I wont get hassled by customs at the airport when I bring it through (since it doesnt look new anymore), but Im still annoyed at myself. (End of rant, sorry for boring all of you!)

At long last I can rest easy, having finished this backpacking lark for the time being. Not for long though... as great as it sounds, Im being thrust into the travelling scene once more and have to head down to Spain for 2 weeks for my sisters wedding!! Well Im chuffed for my sister, but as for me, Id rather be settled and FINDING A JOB!!!! (I never thought Id be dreading a holiday!!)

Moneys tight as you can imagine, so who knows, maybe Ill find something in Spain?... God bless the EU!

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Beatriz Says:

8 July 2011

I'd like to say thanks for sharing your trips around....specially the one you took in Colombia! to Lost City, I was doing that path too and I enjoyed a lot looking at your pictures. Àctually, I'm a walker and I'd like to know if you have travel anywhere e

peterforan Replies:

19 July 2011

Great walking in Australia :)

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