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Friday 8 Aug 2008
Marrakesch, Morocco

One year later ....

It's now a year since our trip to Morocco and our many experiences, 'incidents' and activities there, still feature as regular topics of conversation. "Do you remember when ......." is often heard when all sat around the table for our meals, or when certain things are heard and seen in every day life, the most recent being a seeming influx of midgets into our local area - most unusual! Imogen arrived home from school recently, flung open the front door and yelled "Jesus mother, it's like dwarf central out there!". This of course led directly to Flinn chasing her around the house on his knees, yelling "kiss me, kiss me, I love you, I love you" and teasing her about her knee high 'friend' in Djemma El Fna!

The kids have begun plagueing me about returning to Morocco again, this time to travel around the North. I put my foot down this summer and we had a 'quiet' beach and mountain holiday in Turkey - if you can call a holiday with Flinn and throwing yourself off a 20,000 foot mountain paragliding 'quiet'!

Some things haven't changed since our trip;

* Flinn is still our secret little weapon against all hasslers and hucksters - you go son!

* Flinn still hasn't learnt that little social skill of not verbalising every thought - sorry woman in Tesco the other day - I really did try to stop my son yelling "By the hair of my chinny, chin, chin, I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in" when he spotted you and your - erm - unfortunate chin hair!

* Imogen is as dramatic as ever.

* I still love my penknife!

* We still have a 'one roll wonder' in the house and it costs me a bloody fortune!

* Christmas carols are still annoying - even at christmas.

* My 'wierdo magnet' is still working overtime.

* I still get the wild urge to be outrageously un-pc, whenever I hear anyone being pc!

Unfortunately, some things have never been the same again;

* We have never been on a bus since - and have no intentions of ever doing so again.

* I still can't quite look at big breasted, coloured women in quite the same light!

* We still view the western toilet as the 'holy grail' - bliss is the vision of a white porcelain bowl!

* I actually now own a 'big pair' of knickers - my emotional crutch so to speak. Perhaps that should be emotional crotch lol!

* I still haven't eaten cheese and still can't smell it without wanting to get the old penknife out for an instant nose job!

* Flinn still runs scared from cockroaches.

* We are all now 'anti-dwarf', not just me.

* We still can't hear bagpipes without wondering where the drum bangers, cymbal crashers and snakes are!

* We still subscribe to the school of 'who needs bluetac, when you have a great wodge of gum to hand'.

* Immodium and senna are now partners in crime.

* We can't look at our car tyres without thinking about turning them into rubber penguins.

And finally .....

* Our tins of chickpeas sit in the kitchen cupboard untouched - the horror of 'harira farts' leap to mind every time I open the cupboard door and see them.

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imogen murray Says:

1 June 2013

This is the first time I have read this in years!! Well done mum fir putting our blog together so well and now I'm an ok writer I'm going to try and write a novel of our travel stories :) morocco is still my favourite place in the world :)

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