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Wednesday 22 Apr 2009
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Saigon but not for long

Hi Readers,

I woke up feeling very sick sore and sorry. Had a huge night with Frij and Lambro. They have arrived in Ho Chi Mihn City after riding their Scooters from Hanoi. What a top effort! We celebrated our reunion at the Eden Bar with some canadian girls they had met in Laos sometime back. We ordered a couple of fishbowls, which were huge huge brandy balloons with 2 litres of Vodka Red Bull and lemonade. What we managed to hide from the bar staff was that we had a bottle of vodka and 4 cans of red bull under the table. We got away with this till about 1 am when the bar guy discovered all the empties under the table. He nearly had a cow! God it was funny, we paid a corkage fee of about $15 to calm him down and then headed off down to the Go To Bar on the corner. We caught up with some other guys we knew and had a great night. All was good till I got home and realised the taxi girl that propositioned me on my walk home, had lifted my wallet. Damn Taxi girls, cheap alcohol and fuzzy heads!

JAcko rang me just before 7 am. He had arrived from Mui Ne. I dragged my abused body from bed and headed up the street to find him.  We went for breakfast at Stella's and I had a quiet word to Terry, the Aussie expat owner. I explained about my wallet being stolen, with my ATM cards and he let me use my Credit Card to get $120 US cash to tide me over. You see I had forgotten my pin for my credit card so had no way of getting cash. I had a bit of cash stashed in my passport folder and this $120 should see me thru for the rest of my holiday. Thanks Terry. While Im at it ...if you want a great meal, clean and spotless premises great coffee and wonderful staff STELLAs IS THE PLACE 121 Bui Vien St District 1 Ho Chi Minh City. They also have a great happy hour from 4 to 6 if you are a beer drinker. Free Wifi and great airconditioning.

Anyway, I left Jacko after breakfast and headed for a 40 minute walk into ANZ's main branch in the city. It was already well over 32 degrees and sweaty. I had a lovely walk to the bank and hoped I could sort out all my banking and card needs when I got there. Wrong! I explained my plight and wanted to block my accounts and Visa Debit account. But they are australian accounts, I was informed,  you will have to ring Australia. Can I use your phone I ask? No was the reply, so much for helpful service! I was truly amazed at how little this person cared. Now I had another 40 minute walk back, and in a foul mood too, not happy Jan! Big Thumbs Down to you ANZ BANK, So much for the travel friendly commercials I help pay for you to run.

More friends arrived in town this morning. Frances, Jimmy, Charlotte, Joe and the swedish guys all hit town .  I met up with a few of them and had a lunch time ale and then I was off with Charlotte to the markets, I only had one more day in Saigon before heading back to Bangkok. We were all nearing the end of our Vietnam Adventures, Charlotte was leaving tomorrow, Frances, Frij, Lambro, Jacko and Joe were all off to Cambodia in a few days. I had a ball at the markets. Charlotte was looking for a traditonal Vietnamese Silk outfit...the long pants with the long silk top thingy. Anyway the stall she found the one she wanted at, hadn,t made a sale all day. I couldn't help not offering my help and soon I became their chief spruiker. I called out to passrs buy, I cajoled people into stopping and looking. And, I even got them 2 sales during my short career as a Vietnamese market spruiker. What a hoot.

A lovely 15 minute walk back to our block thru the park and then step right back into taxis, hawkers, sunglasses sales people, cigarette girls, water and chewing gum sellers....Arrrrggghhhh!  My 2nd last day in Vietnam, and after my wallet, the bank and 3 weeks off sellers I had to make a stand. I stood in the middle of the Bui Vien st intersection in front of the Go To Bar and did a "Newsfront". I yelled out to all around....I do NOT want to buy sunglasses! I do NOT want a taxi! I do NOT want chewing gum! I do NOT want a bottle of warm water.   The locals stared, the backpackers all cheered and I felt great. I walked the next block to my hotel totally un molested by hawkers....Wink  Yes the day just got a whole lot better....

Last night in town tonight and a whole bunch of us that started together in Hanoi have all joined up again. Party Time! Time for goodbyes and I think for the next 12 hrs or so............. what happens on tour , stays on tour. Ha Ha Ha! Sealed

See Ya's Laughing

Tez Cool



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