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Monday 30 Oct
Koh Tao, Thailand

Ohh Hell I'm still alive

Saturday arvo saw me a bit quiet and reserved and it was to be my 30 metere dive as part of my advanced certification. Lee talked to me about my breathing and kept telling me to slow it right down, slow shallow 3 seconds in 3 seconds out, told me breathing was over rated anyway. All the way out to Hin Pee wee I sat on the bench practicing 3 seconds in 3 seconds out. It worked cos I got 7 minutes longer than the previous day, had 50 bar left on getting out and dove to 30 metres for 6 minutes. I really like this site. From there it was just a few hundred metres in the boat to White Rock. This is a series of pinnacles that rise from 18/20 metres down to just 2 metres below the surface, lots of fish coral and to our delight a sea turtle. There were 5 of us just finning dslowly along and we spotted old sea turtle about 10 metres away about the same time he spotted us. we didnt have to move at all , as the old fella was as curious as we were and slowly swam over to us. He came and checked each and everyone of us, and stared at me from 6 inches in front of my mask. He then decided he'd seen [pklenty of us Big Eyed, 4 limbed things that blow bubbles and slowly swam off into the cool! I was beaming with a smile that nothing could remove. and I still finished with AIR! Sunday morning saw us over at Japanese gardens to do the skills part of our course. Again I was concentrating on breathing and the 1st dive was Navigation. We learnt how to navigate with a wrist compass, how to measure our kick cycles ( mine was 20 cycles to 30 metres covered) Then we were made to swim 30 metres in one direction then return to the same spot, after that it was a square pattern of 30 metres a side. So head nth 30 then east 30 then sth 30 then west 30 and in theory you end up back where you started...and I did. 2nd dive that morning was called peak performance navigation. Getting the best out of you bouyancy . So you learn how to use you lungs to make small adjustments in your depth, how to rise and fall to get over reefs etc without too much finning or Bouyancy vest adfjustment. Then we practiced a level hover, so you had to stay at the one level and spot without movng off it, just by bouyancy control. Then we did things like swim upside down in a vertical position, how to somersault, swim on your back , swim thru hoops and then some free creative stuff wgere we could just make up anything we liked as long as it demonstrated control. At the end Lee then asked us to find the boat, by using our navigation skills. Lucky I counted my kick cycles on the way out and took note of the bearing we left at, cos I was spot on to the kick when we got to the underneath of the boat. That night was to be our night dive... They shouldnt be allowed to ask you to nominate these things when you are apprez diving. I chose to night dive cos that was the thing that made me feel most nervous and uncomfortable. so It had to be done. I was extremely nervous , and trying not to show it, as we headed out. The sun had just set and twilight was turning to darkness. Christian then briefed us on how to use the torches and how to signal different things. My butterflies were getting bigger all the time while he was talking. But as soon as I jumped off the boat and Sunshi threw me my torch, I felt relaxed. As soon as i sunk below the surface any tension I had just melted away, it was indescribably brilliant and peaceful.The night dive has to be the highlight of all the dives, Just torch beams reaching into the darkness and spotting so much fish life. Hundreds of fish hiding in every crevice of the reef corals, hiding under ledges, in holes, hugging the sandy bottom. Blue Spotted rays everywhere (bite on that Croc man) Big Silver Barracuda lurking evrywhere.. Ok this may sound a bit cruel, but I assure you it is a cruel world down there, Wherever there were barracuda, they have learnt to watch the torch beams of the divers and whenever a small fish was highlighted by the torch beams....Wham Bam thankyou Ma'am! smiling barra and no more small fish. Saw a hermit crab that was at least 12 inches high in his shell. I think the measure of my relaxation was reflected in the length of dive. I started with about 30 bar less than normal in my tank, we dived for 42 minutes and I still had 50 bar left when surfacing, i had mastered my breathing ....I was in water heaven for 42mins and loved every nano second. It was just so good. 3 beers only after we got back and I still felt high as a kite..
Anyways back to reality soon, so got to start readjusting......NOT!!!!!!!!
I obviously have lots of gaps to fill in and will do so when I can sit down at home and catch up, till then just snippets and updates. All is Good so see ya's all soon. A special message to my friends Sue and Marcus..... My thoughts are with you guys,especially tomorrow, and they are all good. Cheers to you all
Tez (and his stowaway elephant who refused to night dive) ::wink.gif

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