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Saturday 13 Oct 2012
Kainalu Molokai Hawaii, USA

We have arrived !

We checked in @ Portland International Airport about 8:30am and as we were standing at the kiosk checking in one of the Hawaiian Airlines employees approached us and gave us two fresh flower leis.  We were the only ones in the checkin area as far as we could see that received leis... So, that was nice... !

Our flights were on time, Mai Tai and Blue Hawaii cocktails in Honolulu while waiting for our connecting flight and upon arrival in Molokai Joanne and Earl greeted us with beautiful purple orchid leis - a perfect welcome.

We arrived to their beachfront cottage about sunset which was beautiful  (having problems posting photos so will work on that Sunday when we get back from our hike).  The view is spectacular and the sound of the waves is lulling me into a very very very relaxed mood (or trance :))

Joanne had slaved over a hot stove all day and made homemade veggie chili so we had chili sizes for dinner - it was delicious !

We've got a big day planned for Sunday so will be heading to bed soon.  Will work on photos tomorrow.

More to follow




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Molokai 2012

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Molokai Oceanfront Cottage

Molokai Oceanfront Cottage

We're off on another adventure - this time to Molokai ! It's been 18 years since we've been back to Hawaii and we've never been to the island of Molokai so we are very excited ! We are joining Joanne & Earl at a house on the beach they found last year

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