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Monday 15 Oct 2012
Kainalu Molokai Hawaii, USA

Monday's Adventure

We started our day with a feast compliments of Joanne.  She whipped up fresh banana pancakes with coconut syrup, sweet potato hashbrowns and sausage (we sent the boys to the store for the sausage as meat is not a staple in Joanne's frig).  We topped it off with mimosas.

We then finished our game of Chicken Foot before we headed out for a road adventure.   We stopped first at the drug store for anti-itch bug medicine... Yes... I've done it again... eaten alive by mosquitos - I am covered with bites.... UGH !  After this brief stop we headed out to Waikolu Lookout in the center of the island of Molokai.  Most of the trip was on an unpaved road and felt like we were riding a bucking bronco for 10 miles.  We arrived at the lookout and were the only ones around to take in this beautiful site.

The lookout is located at 3,600 foot elevation and includes amagnificant panorama of Waikolu Valley from the cliffs of the upper gorge.  Views of seacliffs, offshore islands and waterfalls with plunge pools can be viewed inbetween the tropical clouds coming through the valley.  We had a beer, some grapes & string cheese and enjoyed our peaceful surroundings.

Back down the 10 mile bucking bronco road and headed to Dixie Maru beach.  This little treasure is at the west end of the island at the end of a road.  This isolated little cove was a perfect way to end our day.  We swam and Tony, Joanne and Earl all went their separate ways and scouted the area.  I sat and watched the surfers and stand up paddlers. 

We then went to the Paddlers Inn for Mexican Night only to be told they were all our of Mexican food (we arrived @ 6pm)... so Mahi Mahi, ribs and a burger later, we headed home.  We're now enjoying a bowl of Macadamia Nut icecream with coconut syrup and candied coconut crumbles and watching Dancing with the Stars (the boys aren't really thrilled with the TV choice... but...)

Who knows what we'll do tomorrow !


Stay tuned




2 Comments for this Travel blog entry

Mahalola Says:

17 October 2012

So do you just put coconut syrup on everything?
And what is chicken feet?

tonyandellie Replies:

17 October 2012

Coconut syrup is good on just about everything.... it's a Hawaiian thing !

Chicken Feet is a dominos game.

JoAnne Says:

19 October 2012

Go figure getting your taste buds read for mexican food, guess if you try the place again go earlier. Did you have a margarita any way? Glad Ellie that bug bites are feeling better :)

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Molokai Oceanfront Cottage

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