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Tuesday 29 Dec 2009
Esperance, Australia

We were beach bums today !

A scorcher today - 40 degrees Celsius / about 104 degrees Fahrenheit !

We lubed up with 30 SPF sunscreen and headed to Cape Le Grande National Park (thank goodness for very good air conditioning !).  Our first stop was Lucky Bay.  This place has been voted the Whitest Beach in the WORLD !  The sand is like sifted corn starch and it is so fine that it squeaks under your feet.  It was a bit of a hike to get down to the beach but well worth it.  The wind was blowing quite hard but it was a hot HOT wind.  The water was cold - about 20 degrees Celsius/ 68 degrees Fahrenheit so the combination of the horrific heat from the sun and wind, and the chilly cold water, it was a refreshing way to spend some time.

Our next stop was Thistle Cove which was only a few kilometers away from Lucky Bay.  This beach was a bit easier to get to although it did require some rock climbing to get to it.  This beach was not quite as white as Lucky Bay and had a bit more current and waves.  We were already dry from our first dip so were ready to take the plunge again once we dropped our bag and hats.  Still windy here and of course  the sun was beating down on us so the chilly water again was a pleasure.  We stood in the water shoulder high for what seemed like hours (in reality it was only about 30 minutes)

Third stop was Hellfire Bay, again only a few kilometers from Thistle Cove.  We were already dry by the time we parked and only had a few steps to descend before we were on more powdery sand.  Still not as white as Lucky Bay but beautiful none the less.  Another 30-45 minutes of bobbing in the chilly water to cool off and we headed to our last stop.

Last swim of the day was at Cape Le Grande Beach.  Access was out of the car and two steps we were on the beach !  Still not as white as Lucky Bay and there was no wind at all but we still dashed into the water to get relief from the sun's heat.  There were more waves in this location so it was very relaxing to be bobbing in the water to the rhythm of the wave sets.

The amazing thing about all of these beaches is people just drive onto the beach and park (of course 4WD does help).  If they have boats, they launch right from the beach.  So amongst the umbrellas and shade screens are SUVs, trucks and boat trailers all over the place.

As it turns out, Genie and her 3 girl friends were also at the National Park today.  It appears we were just behind them at every stop !  Don't know how we missed them !

Anyway, we had a great day !  BEAUTIFUL waters and a great way to beat the heat !  Head back to Perth on Wednesday.


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B Says:

31 December 2009

Rain/cold in folsom U are a lucky man !!! Happy New Year bud :)

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