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Tuesday 15 Dec 2009
Kings Canyon, Australia

Alice Springs to Kings Canyon a full day of driving

Absolutely no connection with the outside world when we hit Kings Canyon so couldn't post yesterday's adventure so here it is..... 

December 15th - We drove... and drove and drove......  We hit the road at about 11am from Alice Springs and reached our destination, Kings Canyon Resort, at 5:30pm.

The only kangaroos we saw, unfortunately, were ones that had had a mishap with an auto.  At one of our stops along the way (of which there were very few) there was an old Isuzu Trooper - back window papered over and crammed with stuff to the ceiling in the back behind the passenger seat.  The Aboriginal family was sitting under a shade tree resting before hitting the road again.  A few minutes before we were about to take off the family piled into the car - all nine (9) of them - six (6) adults and three (3) kids ages 9 months, 2 years and 3 years.  I still can't figure out how they got all nine (9) in but they did.  Just as they were about to take off I noticed they'd dropped one of the kids shoes so I jumped out of our car ran up to their car, picked up the shoe and held it up to the back seat window.  They opened the door and took the shoe and shut the door.  Let me tell you when the door was opened I almost fell over from the stench of body odor.  What a trip they had ahead of them !

Oh, and the gentleman at the gas station told us the kangaroos do not come out during the day.  Oh, well, so much for seeing a kangaroo out in the wild ! 

Tony drove the first half of the way and I drove the last half.  We had the air conditioning cranked up (temp outside was 99 degrees) and we listened to iTunes from the iPhone and my 2 new CDs - Susan Boyle and Barbra Streisand (Tony was a trooper on the last 2 !).

When we checked in we were offered an upgraded room for $29 extra bucks which has a Jacuzzi that has a beautiful view so we took the bait.  We went to dinner at the local bar, had a great pizza and a couple of cold beers and Tony put some money in the jukebox  so we had great tunes with music videos.

At about 7pm we walked down to the viewing sight for the sunset @ 7:29pm (along with about 20 others).  It was very pretty.   We then went back to the room and filled the Jacuzzi with bubbles and soaked our weary bones while gazing at the stars.....  Doesn't get much better than that !

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Laura Lockwood Says:

16 December 2009

Hey - guys sounds like you are having a blast. I opted out of the bridge climb last time - guess I am a big big chicken. Trip sounds amazing have a happy holiday and live it up!

P Says:

17 December 2009

have you seen any koala bears?

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It doesn't get much better than this !

It doesn't get much better than this !

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