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Sunday 20 Dec 2009
Rockingham, Australia

Squeak… Squeak….. I think I hear Flipper !

We swam with the dolphin in Rockingham Bay today !  OK... we floated while the wild dolphin swam around us, below us, beside us !  Of course we were not allowed to touch, but if we were allowed to, we could have reached out and touched one or two of them during our time in the water.... 

We had a 7am pickup from Perth CBD and were on the boat in Rockingham by 8am.  By the time everyone was wedged into their wetsuits, assigned a color group (we were RED) and given mask and snorkel, we left the dock about 8:45am.

The first swim of the morning had about 8 dolphin swimming and dancing through the waters around us.  Because there were about 40 of us so they only let about 20 out at time, spending about 10 minutes in the water, then the next group gets in.

We moved sites 3 times and had 4 times in the water.  The water was not crystal clear but there was no mistaking we were amongst these wild creatures.  They seemed very comfortable with the guides as they dove with the dolphins with jet propelled little scooters.  They [dolphins] swirled and twirled and sang and chatted all the while.

Quite an experience !


Tonight we are going to "Carols by Candlelight" at one of the wineries in the Swan Valley.



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joanne Says:

21 December 2009

Enjoying your adventure and now Dolphins done as well! Mail works pretty good - about 7 days from Sydney. I want you to go to and then go stand in front of it and wave. Let us know when?

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It doesn't get much better than this !

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