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Sunday 26 Mar 2006
Merida, Mexico

Salsa-capital of Mexico

The bus trip to Merida from Tulum was only about 4 hours long but at least I had the luxury of being on a 1st class bus (which usually has fairly comfortable seats and a choice selection of dodgy 80s movies -- often English spoken with spanish subtitle!), which helped pass the time.

On arrival in Merida around 7pm, it was dark, and I wasn't all too impressed with the place at first.

I arrived at my hostel and headed out to explore with a roommate, Levi from Montana, and to get some pizza.

The route I took toward my hostel, Nomadas, lead me through some dark dingy streets, but hid me from the true gem of the city that lay only 4 blocks east of where I was walking along.

Y'see.. Merida is a complete joy of a city!

Within minutes of arriving in the town centre, we were surrounded by mariachi bands... usually one outside each of the many classy restaurants that lay all over the place. In front of each, a crowd of dedicated revellers danced salsa, adorned in their evening best.
The whole city was alive well into the night... the architecture was like something remeniscent of Rome or Barcelona too. Very nice.

This was a Sunday night too! Apparently these events happen every night here.. never a dull night in Merida.

Alas.. I was only passing through... so much more to come back for though when I take in Mexico again

The hostel was top class too.. you can sleep in a hammock if you so wish too


Chichen Itza was the temple o' the day today. It was very impressive with a full size ball court where the Maya would play games. The prize for the winners was eternal praise from the gods.. the losers were brutally sacrificed. Nothing like a good prize to spice up a game I say!

I personally didn't find the temples at Chichen Itza quite as impressive as those at Tikal (you weren't able to get to the top of the pyramids at Chichen Itza) but the bas-reliefs were top quality with some literally scary and gruesome depictions of sacrifice and skulls greeting you at each corner as you wander around.

The yank tourists were swarming in like flies too from Cancun.. in fact so abundant were the yank tourists that every souvenir hawker would open with the phrase:

"Same price as K-Mart"...

"We ain't goddamn seppos".. says I.. before I pull up my baggy shorts and switch around my NYC baseball cap in a huff...

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