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Monday 13 Mar 2006
Mexico City, Mexico


Monday .. got up hella early and proceeded to check out the first (of what I'm sure will be loads in this trip!) Mayan temples: Teotijucan.

It was interesting leaving Mexico City.. the air got gradually cleaner as we headed out.. but still a mist prevailed as we arrived at the site.

Wow! What can I say... as we arrived in the parking lot, all I could see was a close-up of the mountain that we were approaching from the horizon for several minutes...

wait a sec...

that's not a mountain.. that's one of the bloody pyramids!!

The Pyramid of the Sun is HUGE! And considering it was built in 100AD with pure hard labour (no wheels or pack-animals were used during construction) it is an amazing achievement and literally awe-inspiring!

I'll keep this short, because I'm tired after just writing the Mexico City entry!!....

It was a damn hot day, but I determinadely climbed both pyramids (temple of the Sun and the beautiful Temple of the Moon). The geometry in the place is stunning.. sitting on top of the Temple of the Moon I contemplated it's construction and was mesmerized so much so that I ended up just sitting there staring for a good hour!! And that's in 40C weather too! Apparently the entire city (the former Mayan capital) was laid out to be an astronimical aid. Lots of sacrifices done here too.. not quite as bloody as that at the Tenochtitlan temple in Mex City though. Aztechs were crazy muthas.

Yep it was hot.. damn hot.. I quickly got dehydrated.. and my impending diaorreah (unavoidable I'm afraid - unless you want me to live in a bubble!) didn't help matters. I almost tumbled down one of the pyramids in dizzy frenzy. Que loco irlandaisa!

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