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Wednesday 17 Oct 2012
Murphys Beach Molokai HI, USA

Wednesday's Adventure

Today we kind of did our own thing... Tony and I headed to Kaunakakai (the little town about 18 miles from the cottage) to just wander. We dropped Joanne and Earl at the local market about 2 miles away and they walked back to the cottage. Along the way to town we stopped to take a photo of the Rooster Farm (although cock fighting is illegal, this particular property has at least 20 roosters and I doubt they are being raised to keep the chickens company !). As soon as we slowed down approaching the property at least 10 vicious dogs began barking their heads off warning us to hit the road - one was a 3-legged female that must have just had a litter based on her under carriage.

In town which is 1 street and only about 12 stores is comprised of 2 grocery stores, a post office, a dive shop, book store, pet store and a few general stores with touristy things but not a lot and an art center which is a co-op of artists. In the bookstore we chatted with locals. Computers came up and I mentioned that Tony worked for Intel. A couple at the counter said their daughter-in-law works for Intel in Oregon in HR and Tony told them he worked for Intel in Oregon (small world, isn't it !) He doesn't know their daughter-in-law but will probably touch base with her when he gets back - with a message from her in-laws..."when are you coming to Molokai to visit ?"

From town we drove by the harbor and then came back to the cottage. We stopped at the Rooster Farm on the way back (across the street) and the same 10 vicious hounds heeded the same warning... keep on moving... !

Beach today was just a mile down the road at Murphy's Beach. The water was much clearer, lots of coral and little fish and Tony even got some pictures of a sea turtle. We both got a bit of sun burn today but not bad... a little color, that's all.

Tonight Joanne & Earl headed into to town for dinner and Tony & I stayed here and did laundry. We ordered pizza and they're picking it up on their way back from town.

Another early night for all of us - snorkeling and sun really zaps you - but well worth it !

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Molokai Oceanfront Cottage

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