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Wednesday 2 Dec 2009
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef

Arrived in Cairns @ 9:50am and were checked into the hotel by 12pm.  We have a view of the Coral Sea  (if you hang over the veranda).  Hot, Hot, Hot !  About 90-92 degrees.  We immediately found the Laundromat and did a couple of loads of clothes (we're packing light on this part of our trip so laundry day will be every 5 - 6 days).

Got the necessities out of the way and grabbed a bite and headed for Cairns' version of Outlet Stores.  Small by comparison but the prices were much closer to the US. We both came out with at least 1 item.  Tony scored some ½ price, last pair, exactly his size, water sock type Crocs so he's a happy camper.

We strolled down the Esplanade to the boat docks and found the saltwater pool along the way (there really isn't a beach like we think of it so they have huge public saltwater pool - lots of shallow area for tiny kids and lots of adults just lounging to keep cool.

We took a Sunset Cruise (1 free drink only - no meal) which was very nice and it was only $20/pp - a real bargain compared to what we've been shelling out for that type of thing.  We snapped a few photos of the sunset and then were gifted with the full moon rising.  Doesn't get much better than that !

Heading back to our hotel we noticed a lot of activity in the sky - I swore it was birds, Tony swore they were bats... He was right - hundreds of bats (as big as birds) flying from tree to tree.

We wandered through the night market - lots of souvenir junk and a whole row of vendors hocking "Chinese" style massages - neck, shoulder, foot and leg reflexology massages.  Prices were certainly right - $15/40 minutes.  Didn't buckle under the sales pressure but may consider going back after a few days of sightseeing.  We then grabbed dinner @ Outback Jack's which is right across the street from our hotel.  We shared a plate of ribs and salad which was just the right amount of food.

We booked a Great Barrier Reef trip for Wednesday so it's up early and back to the boat docks.

Look for photos under Cairns.

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Lola Says:

3 December 2009

just went through all the pics - i wanna, I wanna - go to the falls, swim in the holes, pet a croc, eat at every single restaurant you have eaten at, your hotels look wonderful! Jealous- you betcha - going to go back and take a second look at the photos

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It doesn't get much better than this !

It doesn't get much better than this !

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