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Saturday 2 Jan 2010
Perth 2010, Australia


Today we treated ourselves to a manicure and pedicure.  Well, let me tell you we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto....  For the manicure I had to stop my gal from filing with a course file (she could have sanded down a 2x4 with it !) and I had to ask her to remove the polish before she started....  The pedicure was equally as interesting.  When I described what I wanted as a design on 2 nails, I got something completely different.  Tony gave me the stink eye which meant.... Zip it ... so I zipped my lips and didn't say a word.   He was OK with his Mani-Pedi.  The rest of the day we just lounged around and watched a bit of TV.

This evening we went to the Perth Speedway @ Kwinana Beach with Genie and Charlie.  Charlie's sponsored car didn't run tonight but we still got to walk through the pits and look at the different cars.  There were 23 races in all and quite a few had some crack-ups.  We packed a picnic for dinner, took our camp chairs and enjoyed the evening.  It was quite warm until the sun went down but the breeze was blowing to keep us cool.  After sundown I even put on a jacket at one point but it warmed up again as the breeze changed direction.  Today's high was 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tomorrow (Jan03, 2010) temperature is predicted to be 107 degrees !  

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lola Says:

3 January 2010

and tell us when you have NOT told someone how to do your mani/pedi?????
Good thing Tony was there!

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It doesn't get much better than this !

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