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Sunday 11 Apr 2010
Easter Island, Chile

Isla de Pascua... Day 1


- Flight over with large emergency exit seat, but lots of annoying kids (including one English screamer that sounded like he was getting stabbed in the eyes with a blood-curdling yell!). In flight movies and general flight top quality! At least getting some money's worth! Also mention the flight map with Easter Island as not even being represented on the screen, save for the text "Easter Island". 4000km away from Chile and barely a pixel on the map!

- Arrival with whole island visible from plane window. People waiting with flowers (for the wealthy people that had pre-booked expensive hotels, rather than us backpackers). Fresh warm air, slightly humid, and light fragrance of flowers in the air.

- First adventure was to find somewhere "cheap" to stay with a French and Korean guy in tow. Quite a challenge. Finally managed to get a private room with ensuite bathroom for 16,000 a night (about $32) called "Chez Erika". Owner not the sort of woman you could argue with (being a typical Polenysian woman she's also built like a brick shithouse and so could easily flatten you with a flick of her wrist!), but that seems to be common with most of the people on the island. They're undoubtedly friendly, but because of the damaging history of outsiders on the island's population, they have a discernable underlying suspicion of foreigners and don't feel like they need to bend over backwards for you if you have any problem. Asking "have you got hot water?" provided me with such a look that I would probably lose the room if I pressed further! Not a good idea considering the particularly good price!

- Today was mainly a research day to plan the following weeks adventures. Being Sunday this was a particularly good time to arrive as most places were shut and so I could just spend the day relaxing. Lots of time for contemplation down at the shoreline, looking out at the endless horizon, plus saw my first Moai! Too late to get good pics with the sunshine, so I'd start snapping in the morning (having 5 days on the island was an excellent way to take my time enjoying the place!)

- Had a tasty fish dinner and went to bed early, exhausted from the day's travels

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