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Sunday 7 Feb 2010
Taganga, Colombia

Arrived in the (cheap) scuba mecca

Short entry... more later...

  • Taganga is a lovely little fishing village.. I got a great hostel with private room for only 14 euro a night and with a window looking out on the mountain-backed bay below.. Lush!
  • Weekend was mad crowded on the beach with ppl from nearby Santa Marta (the main town)... but mid week you have the entire place to yourself
    P.S. Don't swim in the water on the weekend. It turns a decidedly unnerving yellow colour on account of all the kids present!
  • Main activities here are either cheap scuba diving, or booking trips to visit the "Ciudad Perdida" (Lost City)... Colombia´s twist on Machu Picchu
  • A small population of hippys selling the standard fare (wristbands or shell necklaces) has taken up residency here. It's funny how these sorts of towns (Fortaleza was the same) attract these sorts of "scruffy layabouts" Wink
  • Got my first glimpse of what would become the norm for small towns in South America from here on: huge packs of wild dogs roaming the streets willy nilly, barking and fighting all night long. I've never actually seen dogs in such free abandon anywhere else on the planet as I have in South America.

Day of chillaxin..

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