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Saturday 27 Feb 2010
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Cruise Day 2

Quick summary entry for now...


  • Overnight boat to Bartolomé island
  • Most of the day was based around here. We saw fantastic scenery including a lava landscape that had formed after an eruption took place only 120 years ago. It provides an excellent insight into how the other islands would have looked when there were initially formed
  • While climbing up 380 steps to the volcano lookout we got wind of the earthquake in Chile, plus the ensuing Tsunami which they believed might be heading straight for us! Unreal! We descended from the volcano slowly, ever on the lookout for a huge wave on the horizon, but luckily nothing showed. I was kind of disappointed as it would have made for some amazing photos, but then again I probably would be dead so the photos would be worth nowt Foot in mouth
  • While still unsure about the tsunami situation we were still permitted to go snorkling, and we snorkled around a rock formation that proved to have some excellent snorkling with sea lions and yet MORE white-tip reef sharks, and MILLIONS of fish! Even 3 penguins made a splash and swam by me at lightening speed, they're amazing swimmer! This was the single best snorkling experience of the whole trip.... I went around the rock about 3 times hoping to see something new each time.. and often times that's just what happened! Bartolomé was great.
  • Went for a dingy ride later on to see some penguins! Saw loads! Plus a walk on Sullivan Bay.

Pic of the day...

Santiago   Penguin
Santiago Penguin

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Lee Says:

7 March 2010

Dude, how did you like the cruise and the amazon? i was really lucky and saw a jaguar in the river in ecuador, so it was awesome.

Write me an email at lee_burton@yahoo and let me know when you´re headed to Israel. In the meantime, im in La PAz an

peterforan Replies:

7 March 2010

Hi Lee! Yeah the two trips were amazing... lots of mozzies in the Amazon though. I caught a piranha which was cool! Will defo get in touch when I'm headin middle-east ways :) Later!

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