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Thursday 16 Mar 2006
Guatemala City, Guatemala

On the way to Flores...

Got up at 4am this morn to catch the chicken bus to Guatemala City out of Panajachel for 26 quetzals (about $2.30)... the alternative to this would be to get in a squished up tourist van for 25 dollars.

Plus it was more fun.. as the radio boomed out spanish covers of 80s classics, I shared a seat with my oversize backpack and a local woman with her baby hanging off her shoulder that didnt' take it's eyes off me for the whole 4 hour trip.

Halfway through the trip.. some bloke in a tie and white shirt (a rare sight in this area) got up from a seat near the front of the bus and proceeded to preach something outloud to the congregation on the bus. After some 45 minutes or so of this guy shouting away, I finally figured out that he was trying to flog off some dodgy 'health' pills... no worries, about 20 people started throwing 100 quetzal bills his way within seconds. He must have beem saying something pretty convincing.. I'd prolly be buyin em too if I'd known what he was on about

Unfortunately .. I assumed it would take me a LOT longer to reach Guatemala city from Pana.. so I booked my flight to Flores for 7pm this eve (I arrived at the airport at 8am!)... so I'll while away my time writing this here blog

hmm what else... oh yes.. I fell asleep last night with exhaustion after the days festivities and forgot to put up the mozzie net. Consequently I got woken up rudely in the middle of the night with several high pitched buzzing noises in my ears and a bloody large mozzie bite on my nose, which caused it to swell somewhat.
I was a tad worried about the swelling, cuz I was in a prime malaria zone and ain't taking any malaria tablets y'see.

Ah well.. onto Flores ... and might meet up with Jonny (he's decided to bus it all the way from Mex City to Flores... crazy)

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