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Wednesday 17 May 2017
Labuan bajo, Indonesia

Trek to the greatest waterfall!

Timo and I rented motorbikes for the day and decided to do a little exploring among the forested winding roads of labuan Bajo.

We decided to select a location so picked a waterfall as our target destination. The trip there even though it was 20 kilometres away ended up taking about two hours as Flores is Notorious for having some bad side roads! And I mean this was pothole heaven.

The advantage of this though was that we're able to get to some really remote locations that were hardly touristed.

We passed through many local villages where the people were genuinely happy to see us. School kids word try to give us five as we drove by which must have been painful for them!!

When we finally got to a village near our destination with no idea where to go so an enterprise in local took it upon himself to be our guide to the Waterfall. I'm glad we decided to go then as the Trek then went through lots of dense jungle.

I'm finally reaching our destination we are presented with one of the most amazing waterfalls I've ever seen! It was tall girls so powerful and Crystal Clear. Considering the hot weather it was impossible not to jump in! Discovered it was very deep to maybe about 30 metres.

When we got back to labuan Bajo we decided to book a dive trip for the next day with the company that timo had used before: Blue Marlin.

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