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Sunday 21 Oct 2007
Dublin, Ireland

Dirty 30

Had a great time celebrating my ageing body this weekend! Went out on Friday and loadsa mates popped along to the jazz club which was really cool (although what was SUPPOSED to be a jazz night soon turned out to be a gospel choir night.. erk! Paddy didn't mention WHICH of the bands he plays with were to be playing Wink)

A fair amount of alcohol was drunk, whiskey, several different polish beers, guinness, you name it ... I felt a tad worse-for-wear on Sat morning, but at least I rocked out the last of my twenties in style (well, gospel styleee)!

Saturday was a more private affair with the folks (my bro Gary is in NYC at the mo, because Sri Chinmoy died suddenly last week Blue).
We all got dressed up and headed out to the Abbey theatre to check out Roddy Doyle's modern remake of the "Playboy of the Western World" (which is a famous play originally penned by Irish playwright J.M. Synge).
I hadn't worn a suit since my sister's wedding about 3 years ago so it felt good to be spruced up a tad.

The play was really funny and well done and has re-ignited my interest in the performing arts (I'm going to be sure to check out several plays in Montreal when I go back)

After that we stuffed ourselves silly at an exclusive Indian restaurant; came home to a bottle of bubbly and then engorged on (moist) chocolate cake .... mmm bliss

All in all, it was the best decision to head home for my birthday! Cheesy

And so begin my 30s (It'll take a while for me to get used to saying "I'm 30" so I'll hang on to 29 for as long as I can).
Life really does begin at 30... well at least I've got a bit more certainty about what direction my life will take.

My 20s were the "experimental" years (where I got up to some damn crazy shiznit) but my 30s are gonna be a bit more settled. Not in a boring way though, I'm still determined to travel etc, but I'll prolly get something like a mortgage and "career" to keep me from straying off for long periods.

As for where I'll be 'based' during these years.. that's getting clearer: Canada certainly attracts me, as does Oz or New Zealand (although I can't stand the Kiwi 'accint')... but Niamh (my sis) has mentioned I should consider working in Dubai for a spell ... hmmm

choices choices.. 30s are gonna be interesting (as long as I manage to avoid killing myself in ANOTHER bike accident!)

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