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Tuesday 9 May
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The first day buying a few essential items

 My first day and KL was going to be a pretty relaxed Affair as I still get over jet lag. I said I was on a mission to get one of the essential items I would need for the rest of the trip which was a power bank battery. Malaysia is pretty much an Electronics Paradise so it didn't take me long to find the electronics Center and I got there are using the superb rail system in the city which is very easy to use. It was funny that the mall I went to has 10 floors and every shop sold exactly the same items. Basically these were either mobile phones or USB cables or power bank batteries. So I was in luck but it also meant. I'd have to find the best bargain. Eventually I found a place in the very top floor thought had less in visitors. On the ground floor they were charging pretty much double what they're charging on the top floor and I even managed to negotiate them down an extra few Ringet.

This power bank battery was primarily for my mobile phone because I was going to be using this to get around the entire trip and it would prove to be very useful in the coming days!

After this I went back to the apartment and took advantage of that infinity pool with a view of the Petronas Towers. The weather wasn't great but it didn't mean that there was a huge lightning storm which made the visuals very cool from the infinity pool. Most of the people in the pool were other visotors that were renting apartments using Airbnb so I reckon that half the apartments in the block we're actually just there for Airbnb customers.

I do have to mention the food though as pretty outstanding because Malaysia is essentially a mixture of Indians Chinese and Malay. You can see the three distinct peoples that make up Malaysia as you're walking around town and on the train lines not to mention they also have their own distinct areas around town like Chinatown and the Indian Town but the main impact is on the food where they do tend to mix all the cultures into one smorgasbord of feasting opportunities!

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