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Friday 24 Mar 2006
Tulum, Mexico

Thank Allah I brought me mozzie net...

Last night I slept like a log. Jonny didn't. Jonny spent all night swatting the hundreds or so mozzies that were attacking him from all sides.. they really went to town on him. Maybe it was in revenge for the fact that I had my mozzie net and this infuriated them.

In the morning, Jonny, not having had any sleep resolutely decided to find a hostel in town for that night and thus left me on me own (again!) for the day in Tulum.

Well not much to say, except that Tulum is essentially a beach with some Mayan Ruins and that's about it. It's a nice beach.. quite similar to Tarifa in southern Spain (where I go kite surfing) but one would quickly get restless here if staying too long. Caye Caulker, on the other hand, was a beach too but had lots of activities and culture to keep ya occupied.
I did find a nice shell here while snorkeling though.

If you walk along the beach edge toward the ruins, you can actually get into the ruins without having to pay the cover charge.. and this is exactly what I did...

More lazing on the beach.. had a few Sol beers and tacos ala picante.. then hit the sack (con mozzie net of course!)

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