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Wednesday 11 Nov 2009
Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch of Canterbury and Gondola Ride

Tony's up and running again !  Eased into the intake of food at a local bar (breakfast for 2 $18.50 NZD... the cheapest we've gotten away from a table since we arrived in New Zealand).  Headed to the Info Center and booked our Transalpine Train for tomorrow (11/12/2009) and also a combo ticket which covers 2-day on/off travel on the trolley that travels to several city sites and the Christchurch Gondola Ride. 

We stopped at the Art Museum (yes, BC, P & L... a museum !)....  Saw some interesting art and some that indicated some very disturbed artists (in my opinion)..  We then then caught Bus #28 to the Christchurch Gondola.  The ride climbs 500 metres (1500 ft) - I even saw a brindal colored cow (that's a 1st for me...) on the nillside along with a lot of sheep grazing.  Once at the top the observation deck provides a breathtaking view.  To the west we gazed across the sparkling cityscape of Christchurch, over the Canterbury Plains to the high peaks of the Southern Alps.  To the south and east were dramatic views of the Banks Peninsula, Lake Ellesmere and Lyttelton Harbour formed in a sunken volcanic crater (a cruise ship was in for the day).  Looking north the beaches of Pegasus Bay and the Pacific Ocean unfold to the distan Kiakoura Peninsula. 

We stopped at a 7-11 type store on the way back to the hotel and I bought a Lotto ticket.... Keep your fingers crossed.... maybe we'll be winners ! 

Tomorrow's Transalpine Train will be an all-day affair so we're unkered down for the evening... Ironing is done and an early wake-up call has been set.  


4 Comments for this Travel blog entry

JoAnne Says:

11 November 2009

Always great to get a cultural experience, the native dress was impressive. Great T is back on his feet and the next adventure is on....

Ma and Pa Says:

11 November 2009

Glad all is well. NZ prices are like Naples prices - sticker shock all the time. Breakfast for $18 sounds pretty good to us. Enjoy everything. Love You.

BC Says:

11 November 2009

Look at that helmet on Tony's head in the photo after your Luge run, what does that tell ya? You know who has a big head, don't you?!! Glad Tony's up and running.

Lola Says:

12 November 2009

Geez what were you Elle, in a previous life time? A travel agent or something? Keep up the great descriptions I am still jealous. I bet BC wishes she could have gone to the art museum with you....

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