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Sunday 20 Jan 2013
Singapore, Singapore

Against all odds, we made it out of the UK!

Phew... That was close.

Following a relatively mild winter this year, the now-annual chaos descended on the UK just in time for my departure. Freezing fog, snow storms and temperatures down towards minus 12 degrees caused the usual mayhem across the country. Unfortunately, on Friday it was due to hit West London. 

Ailsa and I made a contingency plan of getting there early and booking onto an earlier flight, the 15.15, rather than our 18.15, in the hopes of getting out before the snow got too heavy. That done, we sat in Departures from 11am until finally called through at 17.15. We made good use of our time in Yo Sushi and several visits to the Absolut Exposure bar for free cocktails. Once on the plane, we then waited until 19.40 before we could take off as they had to de-ice the wings. This was done with a fire hose by a man on a crane! Wish I had one of those for my car some mornings...

A fairly smooth 12 hour flight later and we landed to find a rather damp overcast Singapore - but still in the mid 20s so we didn't complain too much. In under an hour we were ensconsed in the Victoria Bar of The Singapore Intercontinental hotel (thank you Priority Club points) with our first ice-cold Chang beer of the trip. Cheers!

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Marahau Bridges, Abel Tasman

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