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Tuesday 22 Jan 2013
Singapore, Singapore

Jet lag... ugh

The snowy delays in Heathrow meant we were 4 hours delayed getting to Singapore, but because we got to Heathrow so early just in case, it meant over 24 hours of travelling.  Consequently, both my and Ailsa's body clocks have pretty much gone on strike.  We had a bit of an extra kip on the first morning to take advantage of our posh hotel.  Then we had a bad night in the hostel so slept most of the morning after the others had left the room and accidently kept snoozing til 2pm.  Back on British time again.  That meant last night we barely managed 3 hours sleep all night, and most of that was from 6am onwards.  Hopefully, forcing ourselves out and about all day means we will sleep tonight, as we have a 4.30am start to get our flight up to Burma.

I have read so much and yet so little about Burma.  I am expecting lots of temples and monks - lots of things similar to other parts of South East Asia - yet many things will be beyond my realm of experience so far.  Having to change money at the airport, or with someone in Rangoon/Yangon, will be a new experience for a start.

Most of all, I am looking forward to meeting our travelling companions for the next fortnight.  Intrepid groups have a max 12 people, plus the guide, so it is a nice small group (and I already know one of them!) Hopefully some like minded people and new friends to be made.

I will be off the radar for the next two weeks unil I get back to Singapore, so watch this space for a monster update when I gt back.

In the meantime, good luck with the snow, everyone in the UK.  Someone build me a snowman...?

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Andy Down Says:

26 January 2013

Hope Burma was great. Briefly visited when I visited the Golden Triangle. Sgr8 but gone now. Lk frwrd to upd8 & photos
Andy and family

zobeedoo Replies:

10 February 2013

Where in Burma did you visit? I'd love to compare notes, as I am sure it has changed a lot now, and will continue to do so rapidly now the country is opening up.

Andy Says:

26 January 2013

Need more space 4 msg. Snow gr8. If y have more massage they get better. Have gr8 time. Even looking @ Facebk more to keep up. What r u turning me into

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