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Thursday 22 Apr 2010
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Day trip to U R Gay


  • Day trip to Uruguay. It's so close to Buenos Aires, plus the fare is only $35 for a return boat trip that it would be madness not to cram in one more country into this trip!
  • I mainly wanted to get a Uruguay stamp in my passport because of the name (huh huh huh) but for whatever reason I was cursed to get a stamp with DRY INK where the word "Uruguay" appears.. this happened on the EXIT stamp too ... gah! Pedro's stamp was perfect.. grr... so pissed was I at this that I decided to try to write the word into the stamp myself using a black pen I'd brought along .. it actually looks almost passable! Pain in the ass though!
  • As for Uruguay, the people are lovely (look like Argentinians but more friendly like Chileans), the little colonial town is a pretty place to spend a day lazing away, plus the river crossing is great fun as the boat is huge and exceedingly comfortable.
  • Definately recommended!
  • Drinking the Familia do Tomasa Malbec wine I brought from Mendoza and Irish Bar in the evening near our hotel (first guinness in South America... wasn't bad actually)

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