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Sunday 19 Feb 2012
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Return to the Falls

The Bus from Hwange Safari Lodge was due to leave around 6pm for the return trip to Victoria Falls, so I managed to squeeze in a quick safari in the morning. I was essentially getting this for free from The Hide, as well as a packed-lunch they had made for me, as I had only paid for my stay until the 18th. Again, great bunch of people. As they said themselves, we were all a family while staying at The Hide so they made sure to care for their guests as one of their own.

As we left Hwange a group of giraffe crossed the middle of the road looking on as we drove away as if to say farewell. I felt a little tinge of sadness! It had been an unforgettable few days.

The Pathfinder bus arrived on time, and I was given the 10 dollars back that I had been promised. I wasn't expecting this and was amazed at the honesty. This alone exemplifies the Zimbabwean people: Truthful and honest.

The bus back to Vic Falls was the "proper" touring bus, a comfortable fully air-conditioned affair with a TV screen at the front. The DVD they were playing was Westlife's "Where Dreams Come True". Great... even in Zimbabwe you can't escape! Passed by a huge overturned truck on the road as Westlife sang "You Raise Me Up".

Got a room back at the Shoestrings hostel. A large crowd of rowdy Brits had arrived off the Overlander Bus, and I was thankful I wasn't on that tour, I'd probably have gone mad after 1 day!

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Great White Shark cage diving

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