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Monday 17 Jan 2005
Tarifa, Spain

Extreme dude!

Wikid... later on after writing the last entry, I headed on down to Tarifa. Met up with Luca at OTB hostel . The hostel isn't OFFICIALLY open at this time of year but Luca made an exception in my case, so basically I was the only person staying in the hostel. Not such a great thing, because Luca was showing me pics of the usual clientelle and there are some damn hot chicas there Blue

Ah well.. next time.

Right so gotta write this quick cuz the cafe is closing soon. Basically I got my full kite-lessons in... over two days I got the hang of it and managed to get myself out of the water and standing on the board. Word Cheesy

Oooh yeah also had a riotous partee the night I arrived and had a bit too much vino and other surfer 'delights'(cough)

As for now, me is back in Sabinillas and headin home tommorrow. Not gonna buy gear till I check the price at home... adios muchachos!

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