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Thursday 24 Dec 2009
Perth Christmas Eve, Australia

Christmas Eve from Down Under

Perth Shopping

Last minute run to the dreaded Mall.  We're going to a New Year's Eve shindig which includes a concert under the stars and picnic blankets.  Our backs, legs and knees have not recovered from the Carols by Candlelight so we wimped out and bought low-to-the-ground beach chairs !  (seemed weird buying beach chairs at Xmas !)

On our way back to Genie's (Tony was making potato salad), we decided to stop by the Casino to see if we could pick up a few bucks.  We parked, hit the restrooms and headed for the casino.  I was abruptedly stopped by security because I had Crocs on (so did Tony but his had suede on the top so they didn't look like Crocs !).  No Crocs allowed on the casino floor Ma'am...  You can buy new shoes at the hotel gift shop if you'd like (RIGHT !) so we promptly turned around and left.  Bearly got out of the parking garage before our '1st 20 minutes free' ran out.

Today seemed to be driven by food which comprises all of our pictures today.    Lunch at a sandwich shop named Tony's and burgers at Alfred's.  Alfred's opens around 6pm and is open until 4am.  People line up waiting for them to open and there's a crowd all the way through until 4am according to Charlie and Genie.  Gotta say they cook a pretty mean burger !

While we were waiting for our order a 1960 Morris Minor (better known as Morrie Minor) pulled into the parking log.  She was in pristine condition - quite a site !

After dinner we helped Genie cook for Christmas Day Lunch which will be at her brother Charlie's.  OK... I chopped, she cooked.... !  Good food will be had and an array of alcoholic beverages will be consumed.


We miss everyone and wish you a Very Merry Christmas !



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MAH Says:

24 December 2009

Merry Christmas right back at 'ya!!!!

joanne Says:

24 December 2009

Thinking of your both and loving this wonderful gift you are giving to each other and us. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Gary Says:

24 December 2009

Wow, what an Fantastic Journey. You are very lucky. Look forward to seeing you when you return.

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It doesn't get much better than this !

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