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Thursday 23 Mar 2006
Caye Caulker, Belize

Leaving rasta-land

This is written in retrospect from Tulum, Mexico, since the internet in Caye Caulker was outrageous.. something like 12 euros per hour... so I'll try to recall most of the stuff that happened...

23 Mar

Got up early today (for once) and we took the speedboat taxi back to Belize City, along with Kate, who was heading down to Placencia (where she works)... passed by the millionaire's island along the way.. essentially the same as Caye Caulker but dotted with golf courses and several mansions...

Got a bus direct from the boat terminal in Belize City toward Chetumal, Mexico and after changing at the border we were back in Mexico. Oye me gusta! Back to the land where I cannae speak the language.. doh!

Finally.. changed the bus and arrived soon at Tulum in the pitch dark... on arrival I told Jonny that I wanted to stay in a cabana on the beach ... since Jonny had no alternatives he agreed and we were soon down at Mirador Cabanas, tumbling over sand dunes, trying to find our cabana (room 4) in the pitch dark.

Well the cabana was like something out of Koh Samet... uterly sparse and dusty and with lots of open holes in the bamboo walls where insects can crawl through.

Having been in such habitaciones myself before (in SE Asia) I was well prepared with my silk sleepin sheet and mozzie net to keep lil critters out. Jonny, on the other hand, was bemused... in fact as the night progressed and a tropical thunderstorm, along with rain, arrived, he became decidedly uncomfortable... the rain dripping on his bed was the piece-de-resistance...

"Dude, relax" says I.

"f#!@·$ piece of $!!"·", says Jonny.

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