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Monday 3 May 2004
Toronto, Canada

Back to the US

Well Im heading back to the US tommorrow. Adeel, my buddy from school in Bahrain, is studying medecine in Rochester, NY (smart lil bastid!!!) so hes kindly invited me to crash at his pad for a while!!

Toronto has been pleasant enough.. very ordered though: as someone once said, its like walking through a Yellow Pages, only in 3D! As much as it might be a nice place to work or live in, theres very little for a budding tourist to do, and I spent much of the past 2 days just wandering the streets and entering (the few) shops that I passed by. Drinking is pretty much all that the other backpackers get up to... that and the Niagara Falls, which Ive already seen.

Sure Im happy that I went to Toronto all the same... Canada looks like it should be really cool when I come over here for a year sometime soon (yep Im gonna do the OZ thing here too!!)

Getting Amtrak to rochester tommorrow morning at 9am. Will have to go through customs again *groan*

NYC is only a few days away... I cant bloody wait!!!

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