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Friday 30 Apr 2004
Chicago, USA

Time to move on...

Alas the time has come to move on, being ushered onward by a desire to see my fair country once more. I never thought Id actually look FORWARD to returning home, but after 16 months on the road Im beginning to miss the green fields, the constant rain and dull skies and the knackers on the buses. *sigh*

Ive really enjoyed Chicago.. the best city in the states (so far) and one of the best cities Ive visited ever. Certainly up there with Sydney. Its particularly cool if yer into jazz and blues as I am. Its big though, and 2 days is not nearly enough time to appreciate everything thats going on... a tad expensive too. Its surprisingly friendly and most people smile all the time, which is strange for a city, let alone an American city. Plenty of Irish influence too. Id like to come back here when/if I take a year in Canada.

Yesterday I did the Sears tower thing. They claim its the tallest building in the world -- not sure on that point though, I think the one in Malaysia is supposed to be bigger. Its certainly quite high... it didnt feel AMAZINGLY high though, so I was kind of disappointed. Still the view of downtown Chicago is an eye-opener. Sky scrapers abound and the view of the gigantic lake-cum-sea, Lake Michigan, bordering the city is really breathtaking.

Ive just booked a trip to Toronto on the Amtrak train tonight... I was going to do it via Greyhound, but it cost relatively the same and the bus had a transfer at 3am!!! Arrrgh Id get no sleep on that. Hopefully Ill get a bit of shut-eye on the train.

I await my first steps on Canadian soil... gotta see what its all aboot.

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Interlingua Says:

30 January 2010

Chicago is up there with Sydney? That's a great compliment.

It's always better in the summer than in the winter, but even today, when it's truly cold, the sky's still mostly blue and the city's as multi-ethnic as ever.

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